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The Conference on Current Veterinary Practices (CCVP) aims at bringing equine veterinarians together to discuss the latest insights in veterinary surgery, medical imaging, drug treatments and horse care. It is  an interactive and practical forum in which equine veterinarians can debate emerging new clinical insights as well as practical experiences with participants and presenters in different areas of expertise.

The  conferences are taking place twice a year in venues in Belgium or the Netherlands.

These conferences are registered with the National Order of Veterinarians of Belgium or The Netherlands (depending on the venue of the conference), so study points can be acquired.

The organization of these conference are supported by an educational grant of the pharmaceutical companies Eickemeyer, GST-Anacura and Orthopaedics.


In the first and second conference, we highlight state-of-the-art imaging techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Moreover, different internal medicine aspects, innovative surgical techniques, and regenera ve therapies will be covered as well. Finally, the conference will close with a panel discussion with all the speakers dealing with currently debated topics.

The conference is registered with the Order of Veterinarians (NGROD), and therefore, study points will be acquired. Registra on is free. Supported by an educa onal grant from GST-ANACURA, Evergem, Belgium.

Click here to download the report of the First and Second Conference on Current Veterinary Practices.


In the third conference, we highlight treatment of diseased cheek teeth and radiography of neck and back in a practical morning session.
In the afternoon, we have a theoretical conference that covers equine incisor diseases, cartilage repair in the veterinary field, radiography of tarsal lameness, and bone lesions in the equine tarsus.
The conference is registered with the Royal Dutch Veterinary Society (KNMvD), and therefore, study points will be acquired. Registration for the oral presentations (afternoon session) is free. Supported by an educational grant from GST-Anacura, Eickemeyer, and Orthopaedics.be.

Click here to download the report of the Third Conference on Current Veterinary Practices.


GST | anacura

GLOBAL STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY (GST) develops blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells for clinical use in horses. GST not only focusses on the preparation of stem cell samples, but also on the scientific research in order to improve currently available therapies.

Anacura is an independent analytical centre of excellence active in healthcare and life sciences. We are your best go-to provider for top quality laboratory solutions delivered with great human interaction.

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Improving animal welfare is, and has always been, at the centre of EICKEMEYER®’s philosophy. Since our foundation in 1961, veterinarians have benefited from our vast experience in the field of veterinary science. By exchanging knowledge and expertise with veterinary professionals from all around the world, we constantly develop new products.

We source globally to provide veterinarians with the best possible value.                                                                                                    .

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Orthopaedics.be consists of a dedicated team of professionals with the ambition to serve veterinarians in a number of specific needs:

1. Orthopaedic equipment of renowned suppliers for companion animals.

2. Equi-support, a selected range of products to support the equine veterinarians.



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